Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

The first days (engl.)

After quite an exhausting, yet uneventful, journey (except that my camera was under suspicion of drug abuse at Frankfurt Airport) I arrived in Sydney at 7.45 am local time on Thursday, 4 October. To get over my jet-lag i fought all day to stay awake and finally lost the battle by winking out at 3 pm. Unfortunately I had an appointment to open a bank account at 3.15. Well, it didnt really matter in the end as I didn't have my visa-label by the time. I didn't organise for getting it at the airport as noone ever told me, bastards!

Anyway, Friday I went to Immigration with my room mate (a 29 year old Irish girl looking 23) to get the damned thing. After a severe queue-line shock and being told to return in the afternoon we had a look at the city center and got me a SIM-card for my mobile (number available on request).

Later the same day I went to the opera to take some disgustingly classical clichée-style pictures of Sydney. You can see the results on my flickr page (click the flickr feed on the page) and some samples in the German version of this post (below)

I wasn't up to much on Saturday, except sitting in the shade in the hostel courtyard. In the evening I was however invited by an Austrian chick (with Lady Chatterly attitudes) and an Irish guy to join them visiting the tea house of a Chino-Australian friend of theirs. Good idea, as I got to sample some very fine teas fro free. We ended up downing 4 bottles of wine over talks of god, sex and the worldat a French guy's (speaking perfect German) place who joined us later. During this the Lady Chatterly in the Austrian came out: "Of course I slept with men of every country I visited. U just have to sample the local offer. It was a bit rough in New Zealand though. ..."

Sunday I then visited Market City (quite a big mall) to get some fruits and vegetable. Somehow I also ended up with another backpack for short trips. Ever tried explaining a Chinese with very basic English that you want a backpack which is leightweight, foldable and yet sufficiently big for a daytrip. Futile effort I tell you! And what else do I see there? A table tennis tournament! Amazing? No, not really. The twist? There was a partly German (from Bavaria. Some kind of German Wales) guy just playing a Chinese against the wall and left-handedly winning the thing with 3:0.

Today (at the time of the German post) I finally managed to print out my CV and apply for my Australian Tax File Number (reducing my tax rate). Well, as it takes me a bit of time to translate such a long German text I will have to delay posting the English one as the internet café is taking $2 an hour and I rather translate it at home now.

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